Our Code of Ethics

If you find an article, video, or any other content that you believe is in breach with our code of ethics, please send us a message using our contact us page.

Integrity and credibility

We believe that a free press is an integral part of our world today. At rkdream, our goal is to use the best journalistic procedures as we disseminate our information. Our work is centered around finance and investing, technology and innovation, and consumer business.

We pledge to do the following to boost our integrity and credibility with our readers:

  • We will only hire experienced analysts and traders.
  • Our editorial team will always ensure that our content is free from plagiarism. 
  • We will always cite our sources by adding a backlink in all our articles. 
  • A member of the editorial staff cannot be ordered to do anything that is contrary to their conviction.
  • We believe that readers should be able to distinguish between normal and promotion content. Our paid links and promotions will always be labeled appropriately.
  • Analysts are barred from receiving compensation to promote companies, cryptocurrencies, and other assets.
  • rkdream will always protect our sources of information. We will not divulge the name or address of a person who has shared information with us.
  • We will always protect content shared to us by companies and public relations companies.